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Key Points

Industry Standard

The contact lens industry recognizes the Createch/Rehder Dev Co name as the standard for permeability testing

The Most Experience

Createch and Rehder Development Company, working in conjunction with Dr. Irving Fatt, pioneered the field of permeability testing via the polarographic method.

Dedicated to Contact Lens Testing

The equipment you find here has been designed specifically for the contact lens testing. No need to rework or modify the equipment after arrival.


Tom was very knowledgable about the technical aspects of our business and provided great leadership and direction.

Sam Dalton Staff Engineer at Diversified Systems

Tom... has always put its customers first.

Brad Dragoo Engineering Operations Manager at Ball Systems

Tom is one of those people who is presented with a problem and will turn it into a large opportunity.

John McAhren Business Development Manager,Toshiba International Corp

A bit about our team...

Since 1988 Createch and Redher Development Company have been producing the best contact lens permeability test equipment available.

The Polarographic method for testing contact lens material was pioneered by Dr. Irving Fatt, which resulted in the ISO 9913.1 and ISO 9339.2 standards (ISO18369). Createch and Rehder Development Company (RDC) worked closely with Dr. Fatt to design the Createch 201T Permeometer, the Rehder Polarographic Cells and the Rehder Electronic Thickness Gauge. This equipment is now widely used by major contact lens manufacturing and research facilities around the world.

Our founding employees have over 35 year of experience in Vision Science Research. They have designed and produced many unique mechanical and electromechanical instruments. Much of the work has been to develop highly specialized one-of-a-kind equipment for laboratory use. In 2014 Createch and Rehder Development Company were combined in to a single company - Createch/Rehder Dev Co. At that time our main offices were moved to West Lafayette, Indiana. Under the direction of Tom Houck Createch/Rehder Dev Co continues the tradition of supplying high quality Vision Research Equipment to the scientific community.

Meet the team...

We stand ready to help you setup and operate a high quality testing environment.


    Tom Houck

    Tom is the General Manager and oversees the day-to-day activities at Createch/Rehder Dev Co. Feel free to contact Tom with any need regarding technical or commercial issues. t.houck@rehder-dev.com

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    Dave Rehder

    Dave is now retired and works only on specialized project and for clients with which he has an on-going relationship. However Dave stands ready to provide his expertise where  needed.

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    John Davis

    John continues to consult with Createch/Rehder Dev Co. John's vast experience with the electronic design and theory behind our products is a valuable asset we still rely on.

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