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SSTS Polarographic Cell

This highly specialized cell is constructed under precise specifications utilizing only the highest grade of precious materials.

Rehder Polarographic Cells are designed primarily for the purpose of measuring oxygen transmissibility (Dk/t) of gas permeable hard or soft contact lenses and contact lens materials. The cells are designed to operate in conjunction with the Createch Model 201T Permeometer polarographic amplifier and a Cell Mounting Fixture that holds the lens in place on the cell.

The cells are utilized by standard polarographic measuring procedures as described by Dr. Irving Fatt in the March 1982, March 1984 and October 1987 issue of the International Contact Lens Clinic.  Transmissibility (Dk/t) is a property of the sample and is the measured quantity using the cell. To obtain the permeability (Dk) of the material, Dk/t is multiplied by the sample thickness (t). The thickness of your sample may be measured in microns on the Rehder Development Company model ET-3, Electronic Thickness Gauge.

The standard cells have a 4mm O.D. 24 karat gold cathode surrounded by a 5.75mm I.D., 12.50mm O.D. pure silver anode. A sensor is embedded in the cell for positive temperature monitoring at the cell working surface. The cells can be furnished with either a flat or radiused working surface. A 7.5 mm radius or larger may be specified. Please specify either Flat or Radiused and the desired radius when ordering.

The Rehder SSTS cells is designed to meet the specifications of ISO 9913 and ISO18369. The SSTS has a long record of reliability and is "CE" certified.

Features...                                                                        Click Here for the SSTS Spec Sheet

  • 24 Karat Cathode Electrode
  • 99.9% Pure Silver Anode Electrode
  • Kel-F Body and isolation layer
  • As specified in ISO18369
  • Laboratory Calibrated Solid State Temperature Sensor
  • Amphenol 9 pin 126 series gold plated connectors
  • 1 Year Full Warranty


Optional Configurations...

  • Radiused to 7.5mm, 7.8mm, 8.0mm, 8.6mm, 8.7mm, 9.0mm
  • Flat surface for measuring flat materials
  • Guard Ring Configuration Available
  • Oversized Anode Available
  • Custom Made to Specification


Technical Documentation...

Polarographic Cell User Guide

Polarographic Cell Guard Ring Cell User Guide

Plarographic Cell Field Test Guide

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