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  • ET3

    ET-3  Thickness Gauge

    The Model ET-3, Electronic Thickness Gauge is a highly specialized instrument, used by contact lens manufacturers and researchers.

    The ET-3 is designed to accurately measure the thickness of soft contact lenses and other soft materials. The instruments are built to perform with the highest degree of precision and with the highest degree of reliability possible. The instruments will stay in calibration, and will continue to function in this manner for many years.

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  • 201T


    The Model 201T Permeometer is the most advanced contact lens Oxygen Polarographic Amplifier system available.

    The 201T Permeometer with Rehder SSTS cells is designed to meet the specifications of ISO 9913 and IOS 18369. The 201T Permeometer provides a stable excitation voltage and simultaneously displays cell current and temperature on easy to read 3 1/2 digit displays. The display can be switched between two cell inputs allowing one cell to decay while the other is being read.

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    Used to measure oxygen transmissibility (Dk/t) of gas permeable hard or soft contact lenses and lens materials.

    Designed to operate in conjunction with the 201T Permeometer and the Rehder Cell Mounting Fixture. The Dk cells have 24 karat gold cathode surrounded by a 99.9% silver anode. A sensor embedded in the cell monitors the temperature at the cell surface. The cells is furnished with either a flat or radiused surface (7.5 mm radius or larger).


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  • SLA

    Single Lens Apperatus

    The Single Lens Apparatus (SLA) requires only a single soft contact lens (SCL) to ascertain oxygen permeabilities (Dk) of hypertransmissible lenses.

    Used in contrast to conventional
    methods where a range of lens thickness is needed for determining oxygen permeabilities of SCLs. This is accomplished by minimizing (or completely eliminating) edge effects, boundary-layer resistances, and lens desiccation in this polarographic apparatus.

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Dk/t and Oxygen Permeability Measurement

Createch and Rehder Development pioneered oxygen permeability testing.

  • The Polarographic method for testing contact lens material was pioneered by Dr. Irving Fatt, which resulted in the ISO 9913.1 and ISO 9339.2 standards (later superceded by ISO18369). Createch and Rehder Development Company (RDC) worked closely with Dr. Fatt to design the Createch 201T Permeometer, the Rehder Polarographic Cells and the Rehder Electronic Thickness Gauge. This equipment is now widely used by major contact lens manufacturing and research facilities around the world.

For more information on Permeability Testing check here.

Minimum Equipment for Oxygen Permeability Testing

We're often asked, "What do I need?"

We've spent years helping scientists setup Dk/t test labs. From this experience the minimum we recommend is:
- ET-3 Electroicn Thickness Gauge,
- 201T Oxygen Peremometer,
- A Polarographic Cell (flat or radius),
- A Cell Mounting Fixture.

Please note addition equipment, not provided by Createch Rehder, may be required; such a personal computer running Window's Operating System, an environmental chamber capabable of running near 100% hunidity, and an optional chart recorder.

If you're looking for maximum capbilities and productivity consider these other options:
- PW32 Data Acquistion Software for the 201T
- Set of 3 Test Modules for the 201T
- ET-3 Motorized Drive Option
- ET-3 RS232 Interface
- ETW Data Acquisition Software for ET-3
- Calibration Set for ET-3
- ET-3 Ball Anvil Adapter
- Guard Ring Polarogrpahic Cell
- Custom Options


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